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Inspired by one of the greatest loves of my life who has given birth to her own children.
Watching her metamorph into a mother and her love multiply is exactly what brought forth this work.


This sketch was inspired when there was absolutely no reason to be or feel hopeful. I was bedridden, dying in California after receiving IV antibiotic treatments for Lyme that put my liver in a coma. Even though I was unable to speak without oxygen, unable to feed myself, unable to bathe, use the bathroom or complete basic tasks alone, my family was facing financial ruin because a trip that was supposed to last for 10 days was lasting for over 6 months since I was too ill to fly home and we were stuck in a hotel room I STILL had eternal and everlasting HOPE. I could feel my heart bubbling over, believing and trusting so strongly, that no matter what, against all odds I would and could beat this.

This includes 3 bookmarks for $15

Spirit Indestructible

3 bookmarks for $15

Spirit Indestructible is a symbolic representation of setting your mind for TOTAL victory, no matter how many times you have failed, no matter how grim the outlook, no matter which odds are stacked against you, no matter what the circumstances. It is about finding that space and place of peace within you that refuses to be shaken, moved, shifted, blocked out or broken. It’s about finding your centre, your light and truth and standing and within the glory of your authenticity, while leading with the truth of your love.

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